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Doctor Camran Nezhat is the best Endometriosis specialist in California. Endometriosis is a chronic estrogen dependent disease that can cause incapacitating pain, organ failure, infertility, and other severe medical consequences if not adequately treated.  More…


We’re here to help, even if it’s just to act as a sounding board so that you can express your fears and frustrations. Don’t lose hope: Many patients who were told for years that they would never get pregnant were treated by Dr. Nezhat and now have beautiful, healthy children. More…


According to various studies, it’s believed that approximately 13-20 million women and girls in the US suffer from chronic pelvic pain (CPP). Yet, despite being one of the most common medical conditions in women and girls, sadly, many suffer for years without receiving an accurate diagnosis or adequate treatment. More…

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Endometriosis specialist California doctor Camran Nezhat

Camran Nezhat, MD, FACOG, FACS

Doctor Camran Nezhat is the internationally renowned laparoscopic and Robotic surgeon, scientist, and innovator who has been in private practice more than 20 years in Palo Alto (a suburb of San Francisco), California. Doctor Camran Nezhat is the world’s best and most Experienced endometriosis specialist. Doctor Camran Nezhat is Director of his own private practice at the Center for Special Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery in Palo Alto, California. More…



Highest Success Rates

Doctor Nezhat is able to achieve these superior results for a few key reasons. First, because of his unsurpassed surgical skill – what many refer to as legendary – Doctor Nezhat is able to remove endometriosis from delicate areas of the anatomy that other surgeons simply are not skilled enough to treat.
Dr. Nezhat is also the pioneer who invented video laparoscopy, what we refer to now as minimally invasive surgery. More…

Dr. Nezhat's interview (March 16, 2016)

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Dr. Nezhat,
Thank you for all you have done for me!

Catherine Stansbury

Thank you,
Thank you for you healing hands… Thank you for your cowboy ways…
You  gave me a new life healed my body! More…

Linda Michelle

Dr. Nezhat,
I come to you several years ago, struggling to get pregnant and because of the endometriosis, I could not. You fixed me up, and I have our first baby, Bryson. More…

Juliana Orme

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Endomarch for endometriosis

Dr. Nezhat is the proud founder and sponsor of the Worldwide EndoMarch

Dear Endomarchers,

On behalf of the Nezhat Family and Board Members of the Worldwide EndoMarch, I would like to express my immense gratitude for your time and efforts to raise awareness for millions of women and girls… More…

Endometriosis Specialist

Choosing An Endometriosis Specialist

Choosing An Endometriosis Specialist

Surgeon and Non-Surgeon

Knowledge combined with understanding is key for an endometriosis specialist. The effects of the disease in patients lives, as well as their family’s, is of great concern to a compassionate specialist. An experienced specialist not only listens to the patient, but also offers solutions to their suffering. More…

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Even the ancients knew…

Back pain? Check. Bladder pain? Check. Vomiting, diarrhea, swellings throughout the body? Check. – These were just a few of the whole-body symptoms of an endometriosis-like disease, described more than 300 years ago, findings that Dr. Nezhat’s research uncovered for the first time in his article, ‘Endometriosis: ancient disease, ancient treatments.’

Doctor Camran Nezhat specialize in endometriosis. For many years, Dr. Nezhat has been spreading the word that endometriosis is a whole body disease, an understanding that even Hippocratic physicians from 2,500 years ago had come to believe about an endometriosis-like disease they called “strangulation of the womb.” Similar observations were made by physicians from more than 300 years ago, including from the preeminent 17th century physician, Thomas Sydenham.
Yet, despite the ancient observations and endless trails of whole-body somatic destruction so plainly – and histopathologically – evident in modern times, many today still somehow overlook all the signs and symptoms that have stretched back for centuries. It seems to be a clear-cut case of “what the mind doesn’t know, the eye doesn’t see.” In the next phases of our team’s awareness work, we’ll do our best to help bring (back) the ancient understanding – that endometriosis is a whole body disease – out from the fringes and to the forefront of medical and societal discourse. More…

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